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To blog, or not to blog

September 15, 2016 #life #internet #work #featured

I’ve had a website since 1998. What initially began as a curious experiment soon turned into a place to try out and learn new things like CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python etc. Before long I was making websites and applications for a living. My personal site changed many domains and servers before eventually settling down as a photo gallery — NegativeScapes.

Over this period, the concept of blogs came into being and became extremely popular. I contemplated having my own blog to share my thoughts and photographs. I attempted blogging a few times and even wrote a custom made CMS for it but always ended up abandoning the project. Being an introvert, conversing (even if it was online) with random strangers didn’t seem appealing, but at the same time I needed publicity for my work. I kept a portfolio of my work at Transducent for that reason but in the long run, the lack of a tech blog may have hurt my business a little. I saw people with lesser experience and skills blog their way to success.

Social networks have replaced blogs and the same thing is happening again. I’m not active on any of the social networks and the lack of an active social network presence is probably hurting my work a bit, but I have no regrets there. If I was so concerned, I would have not insisted on going solo and taken up a job as an insignificant cog in a large company (I’ll save that for another post). I’m busier than ever with work and the kind of awesome work I’m doing is way beyond what I had imagined.

Why start a blog now in that case? The primary reason is to post my daily sketches and improve my drawing skills. Having them online, open to all, will force me to work on imrovement. While I’m at it, I might as well share some of my knowledge and insights in my areas of expertise — programming and design.

These, I think, are the reasons for starting Magnets & Miracles. I’ll try not to think too much about it because when I do, I feel I don’t need a blog. I just felt like starting a blog. Call it intuition :)